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We’re All Mad Here…

This is a wonderful blog by the lovely Catriona Smith on Mental health in academia in response to this article in the Guardian:

I couldn’t agree more with most of the experiences and emotions she talks about.

Catriona Smith

Ridiculous stereotype, or inescapable destiny?  No thanks.

It seems that today, social media exploded with an article about the ‘culture of acceptance around mental health issues in academia’.  At least, the little niche corner of social media that I occupy… which is populated mostly by other postgraduate students studying in a bioscience-related field, and that says something in itself.

Apart from highlighting and forcing self-reflection upon aspects of my life, and issues relating to this that are touched upon within the article, many of the supposedly stereotypical academic viewpoints are harrowing echoes and near-quotes of my own supervisor’s blunt and scarring words.

Sometimes we laugh at ourselves, making light and finding solace in solidarity.  It’s good to know that we are not alone.  PhD Comics by Jorge Cham hits home for many.  But the comics are still often shared as a message of ‘not-really-okay-ness’.

Currently in the final year of my own PhD and desperately…

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