Monthly Archives: May 2011

Researchers in Residence

I’ve just been given a place on the Researchers in Residence program, where a researcher gets twinned with a school and does a placement to try and get kids excited about science. My school is an all Girl’s School in central London…I’m so excited!!

I’ve got to do basic training, have a CRB and then I can start spreading the science love. The placements can be whatever you want them to be…basic background information on your field, interesting aspects of your field, or something the school is particularly interested in. You can also do it to suit your schedule..I work full time so I will initially be doing 8 half day sessions which will be spread out to suit me.

Its related to the STEM ambassadors initiative, which gets scientists in touch with schools and helps to inspire students to follow a STEM career. It’s completely voluntary but a really worthwhile cause. If you’re interested in getting more experience with science communication, teaching or just want other people to get excited about science then get involved!